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Microgravity Science Primer

First page of Microgravity Science Primer

Product Type: Educator Guide - Additional Resource
Audience: Educators, Informal Education

Grade Levels: 5-12
Publication Year: 1997
Product Number: EG-1997-08-110-HQ
Subjects: General Science, Physical Science

Because of the force of gravity, some experiments are difficult or impossible to perform. Therefore, some researchers design experiments for microgravity conditions. Scientists research biotechnology, combustion science, fluid physics, fundamental physics and materials science in microgravity. This primer defines each research area and illustrates the benefits of microgravity research. A brief discussion of the microgravity environment of orbiting spacecraft is included.

Microgravity Science Primer [623KB PDF file]

The Microgravity Science Primer is part of the Microgravity Educator Guide.

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