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Let's Investigate Mars Activity

A photocopy of the front page of the Teacher's Activity Sheet

Product Type: Lesson Plan/Activity
Audience: Educators, Informal Education, Students
Grade Levels: 3-5
Publication Year: 2006
Subjects: General Science, Life Science, Space Science, Spanish, Technology

This lesson will help your students answer the question:
What do I need to know about Mars in order to live there in the future?

In this lesson, students will
- Formulate an original question based on recent Mars robotic investigations.
- Formulate an original, collaborative inquiry investigation.
- Present their inquiry question and investigation to the class.
- Revise the investigation based on feedback from the class.

Let's Investigate Mars Activity
>  For educators [141KB PDF file]
>  en español

>  For students [488KB PDF file]
>  en español

The Let's Investigate Mars Activity is the lesson that accompanies Why Do We Want to Study and Travel to Mars?, one of the topics in the 21st Century Explorer series.

All components are available on the 21st Century Explorer Web site  →.

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