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The Kepler Mission Star Field Lithograph

The front of The Kepler Mission Star Field lithograph

Product Type: Lithograph
Audience: Educators
Grade Levels: K-12, Higher Education
Publication Year: 2007
Product Number: LG-2007-04-02-ARC
Subjects: Space Science

Kepler is the first NASA mission capable of finding Earth-sized and smaller planets in the habitable zones of stars similar to the sun. The habitable zone encompasses the distances from a star where liquid water can exist on a planet's surface. The Kepler instrument is a specially designed telescope. It has a large field of view to observe the necessary large number of stars. The Kepler telescope stares at the same star field for the entire mission. For the life of the four-year mission, the instrument continuously and simultaneously monitors the brightness levels of more than 100,000 stars.

Kepler Mission Star Field Lithograph [3.9MB PDF file]

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