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Johnny's Airport Adventure Educator Guide

Cover of Johnny's Airport Adventure Educator Guide

Product Type: Educator Guide
Audience: Educators, Students
Grade Levels: K-4
Publication Year: 2002
Product Number: EG–2002–12–012–GRC
Subjects: History, Mathematics, Spanish

Promote interest in airplanes and air transportation in young students using role play. This educator guide consists of seven science-, mathematics-, or language-based activities including a storyboard and role-play activity. The storyboard introduces students to airport and aircraft terminology including engine types. The accompanying role-play story of Johnny's Airport Adventure takes children on a pretend trip to the airport and then on an airplane from Cleveland to San Diego. Complete with cutout characters, labels and aircraft, the educator guide also includes worksheets and a list of suggested props to use with the role-playing activity. Spanish language worksheets and activities are provided.

Johnny's Airport Adventure Educator Guide [3MB PDF file]
Johnny's Airport Adventure Artwork [2MB PDF file]

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