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The International Space Station: The First Step In Exploration Poster
The front of the International Space Station poster

The information in this document was accurate as of the original publication date.

Audience: Educators
Grades: K-12
Product Number: EW-2007-02-150-HQ

The International Space Station is the largest orbiting laboratory ever built. Completed in 2011, the space station with its large solar arrays spans the area of a U.S. football field, including the end zones. The front of the poster displays an artistic depiction of the station. The back of the poster explains the basic facts* about the station and its many components. Three hands-on technology activities help students understand how the space station works.

*This poster was printed before the International Space Station was completed. For up-to-date information about the station, see the space station Facts and Figures page.

The International Space Station: The First Step In Exploration
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Demonstration videos for activities:

› Robotic Arm/ISS End Effector  [14MB]
Duration: 3 minutes 02 seconds

› Integrated Truss/Straw Truss  [12MB]
Duration: 2 minutes 32 seconds