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ISS L.A.B.S. Educator Resource Guide

Front cover of the ISS L.A.B.S. Educator Resource Guide

Audience: Educators, Informal Education
Grade Levels: 5-8
Publication Year: 2012
Product Number: EG-2012-02-001-JSC
Mathematics: Computation and Estimation; Geometry
General Science: Energy, Heat, and Magnetism; Forces and Motion; Matter; Space Vehicles
Technology: Engineering Design; Robotics; Space Stations

The International Space Station Learning, Achieving, Believing and Succeeding, or ISS L.A.B.S., Educator Resource Guide consists of eight guided educational learning activities. The guide highlights the international collaboration involved in building and operating the space station, and provides an overview of space station construction and assembly. The eight activities in the guide cover topics relating to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. All lessons are aligned with national education standards.

The guide includes student sheets, lesson plan instructions, background information, answer keys and a certificate of completion to award to students after completing the activities.

ISS L.A.B.S. Educator Resource Guide [4MB PDF file]

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