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International Space Station: National Laboratory Education Concept Development Report

The cover page of the International Space Station Concept Development Report

Product Type: Program Brochure
Audience: Educators, Informal Education
Grade Levels: K-12, Higher Education
Publication Year: 2007
Product Number: NP-2007-03-459-HQ
Subjects: Technology: Space Stations

The International Space Station is the largest and most complex space vehicle ever built. Planned for completion in 2010, the space station will provide a home for laboratories equipped with a wide array of resources to develop and test the technologies needed for future generations of space exploration. This report explores the potential of the space station to engage, inspire, and educate students, teachers, and faculty in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Information about current NASA and non-agency programs aimed to increase STEM achievement is included in the report. Diagrams and detailed information about the station are also included.

International Space Station Education Plan [3MB PDF file]

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