Hands-on Activity in Spacesuit Design
Two coffee cans sitting near heat lamps for an experiment

The information in this video was accurate as of the original publication date.

Audience: Educators and Students
Grades: 5-8
Year: 2002

This NASA video segment features middle school students from Houston, Texas, as they demonstrate a hands-on activity about the absorption and reflection of heat. Students cover coffee cans with various materials like black construction paper, cotton balls, and aluminum foil. They record the change in temperature the cans experience when placed in the sun or in an ice bath. Students collect, graph and analyze data to determine which conditions resulted in the greatest temperature variation.

Hands-on Activity in Spacesuit Design
Duration: 3 minutes 29 seconds
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This video clip is part of the NASA CONNECT™ Functions and Statistics: Dressed for Space DVD that may be ordered from the Central Operation of Resources for Educators, or CORE  →.

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