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Growing the Future: Plants in Space

Astronaut Clayton Anderson prepares a plant growth chamber in the space station

Product Type: Video Learning Clip
Audience: Educators, Informal Education, Students
Grades: K-12
Subjects: General Science, Life Science, Technology

From the mid-deck of space shuttle Endeavor, STS-118 mission crew members Barbara Morgan, Dave Williams of the Canadian Space Agency, and Al Drew explain why they have taken basil seeds into space. They explain that NASA wants to know how to feed explorers on long-duration flights to the moon, Mars and beyond. To help NASA, the astronauts invite students to participate in the plant growth chamber experiment. In the U.S. lab in the International Space Station, Expedition 15 Flight Engineer Clayton Anderson prepares EPO Kit C (Educational Payload Operations Kit C Plant Growth Chambers) for a 20-day plant growth experiment. Viewers observe how the tiny plants grew before they were returned to Earth on shuttle mission STS-120.

Growing the Future: Plants in Space
Duration: 3 minutes 11 seconds
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