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GLAST Exploring the Extreme Universe Lithograph

The Exploring the Extreme Universe Lithograph

Product Type: Lithograph
Audience: Educators, Informal Education
Grade Levels: 8-12
Publication Year: 2008
Product Number: LG-2008-3-119-GSFC
Subjects: Space Science

The Gamma-ray Large Area Space Telescope, or GLAST, is now called the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope. The telescope will study known sources of gamma rays in detail but will also discover thousands of new gamma-ray sources in its five-year mission. This lithograph gives the mission's details and discusses the instruments on board the spacecraft. A pulsar activity calls for students to build a small model to demonstrate how pulsars create the pulses that can be seen.

Exploring the Extreme Universe Lithograph [3MB PDF file]

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