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Exploration Extension 2: Crawler-Transporter

The first page of the Exploration Extension 2: Crawler-Transporter activity

Product Type: Lesson Plan/Activity
Audience: Educators, Informal Education
Grade Levels: 6-9
Publication Year: 2008
Subjects: Technology

NASA uses the Crawler-Transporter to carry the space shuttle from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad on a Mobile Launcher Platform. The Crawler-Transporter travels at approximately 1 mph. It has to negotiate turns and an uphill incline of 5 percent and still keep the shuttle steady. The distance is approximately 4.2 miles from the VAB to launch pad 39B, which is commonly used for shuttle launches.

In this mission, students construct a rocket, design and create a MLP, and transport the rocket safely from the VAB through the Mission 3 maze to the launch pad on their own Crawler-Transporter (robot).

Exploration Extension 2: Crawler-Transporter [120KB PDF file]

This activity is part of the Calculator-Controlled Robots Educator Guide.

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