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Discovery Education "NASA at 50" Series

NASA at 50

Product Type: Video Learning Clip
Audience: Educators, Informal Education, Students
Grade Levels: 6-12
Year: 2008
Subjects: History

"NASA at 50" highlights key innovations and milestones in the sciences and in space exploration from NASA's 50-year history. Each clip serves as a gateway for further learning in science and history; each promotes critical thinking and inquiry as essential components of scientific literacy.

Students can enjoy "NASA at 50" in video or audio formats. In addition, teachers guides are provided for each clip to facilitate integration of this content into lesson plans. Downloadable versions of the videos are captioned.

1958: Project Mercury Begins
1959: X-15 Aircraft Makes Its First Flight
1960: Transonic Dynamics Tunnel Begins Operation
1961: Flexible Wing Design Used for Hang Gliders
1962: Project Gemini Begins
1963: Lifting Body Design Concept Tested
1972: Nixon Authorizes Space Shuttle Program
1976: Viking Landers Touch Down on Mars
1985: Research Begins on Wind Shear Detection System
1987: Icing Research Tunnel Designated as Historic Landmark
1994: GPS Satellite Constellation Completed
1998: Work Begins to Preserve Charters of Freedom
1999: Helios Prototype Makes Its First Flight
2001: MISSE Containers Attached to International Space Station
2002: Low-Temperature Oxidation Catalysts Developed for Commercial Use
2004: X-43A Sets Speed Record for Jet-Powered Aircraft
2005: Huygens Probe Reaches Titan's Atmosphere
2007: Phoenix Lander Sent to Mars

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