Designing Spacesuits for Mars
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Audience: Educators
Grades: 5-12

The steps that spacesuit engineers and technicians follow to create their product are the same as those used in nearly every technological endeavor. Students will follow these steps to create a product. The challenge is to design and build a full-scale, wearable model spacesuit to be used to explore the surface of Mars. The pages in this section of the Suited for Spacewalking Educator Guide outline a multifaceted technology education activity on spacesuits. This section includes an overview of the challenge in the Design Brief and includes Interface Control Documents so teams can communicate critical details about systems to other teams. The activity, designed for an entire class to work on as a team, combines skills and content from science, mathematics and technology.

Designing Spacesuits for Mars [318KB PDF file]

This document is part of the Suited for Spacewalking Educator Guide.