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Comet Mystery Boxes

Page 3 of Comet Mystery Boxes

Audience: Educators
Grades: K-8

Introduce students to the physical characteristics of comets by using a tactile learning experience. Using only their hands, students reach into a series of boxes and feel the variety of materials and structures within. Each box contains an object that represents a quality of comets.

In this lesson, students:

  • Use their senses to observe and describe comet characteristics modeled tactilely.
  • Explain the relationship between their observations and the characteristics of a comet.
  • Extend their understanding of comets through collaboration and discourse.

Instructions are included for using Comet Mystery Boxes in public events.

Comet Mystery Boxes educator pages [219KB PDF file]
Comet Mystery Boxes classroom worksheet [257KB PDF file]
Comet Mystery Boxes sample comet pictures [752KB PDF file]
Directions for making Comet Mystery Boxes [171KB PDF file]
Comet Mystery Boxes public worksheet [229KB PDF file]

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