Catch the Wind: Oceans, Atmosphere And Climate
Title frame of the Catch the Wind video with a view of Earth from space

The information in this video was accurate as of the original publication date.

Audience: Educators and Students
Grades: 9-12
Year: 2001

This NASA video segment stresses the significant impact that oceans have on Earth's climate. Learn that to understand natural phenomena like hurricanes and El Niño, one must first study the relationship between the oceans and the atmosphere. A scientist notes the lack of technology available to monitor the ocean.

Catch the Wind: Oceans, Atmosphere And Climate
Duration: 1 minute, 48 seconds
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This video clip is part of the Sea Winds: Catch the Wind -- The QuikSCAT Story DVD that may be ordered from the Central Operation of Resources for Educators, or CORE  →.

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