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Cassini Huygens: Reading, Writing and Rings 1-2
Mission to Saturn Educator Guide, Reading, Writing & Rings! Grades 1-2 cover

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Audience: Educators & Students
Grades: 1-2
Product Number: EG-2004-03-012-JPL

The lessons in this series provide opportunities for students in grades 1 and 2 to develop literacy skills and to expand and enrich their scientific understanding of Saturn and the amazing Cassini-Huygens voyage. The ten lessons contain age-appropriate learning goals for language arts and science.

Reading, Writing and Rings Activity [6MB PDF file]

Download individual lessons from the list below:
Cover [511KB PDF file]
Introduction [1MB PDF file]
Lesson 1 - What Do You Know About Saturn? [561KB PDF file]
Lesson 2 - Where Is Saturn in the Solar System?
                      Where Am I in the Solar System?
[309KB PDF file]
Lesson 3 - Wow, Saturn Is Much Bigger than Earth! [433KB PDF file]
Lesson 4 - Amazing-Saturn Is So Far, Far Away! [409KB PDF file]
Lesson 5 - My Spacecraft Model [357KB PDF file]
Lesson 6 - Earth to Saturn, Earth to Saturn! [315KB PDF file]
Lesson 7 - Rotating Rings of Ice [505KB PDF file]
Lesson 8 - Titan and the Other Moons of Saturn [912KB PDF file]
Lesson 9 - Focus on Saturn's Fascinating Features [625KB PDF file]
Lesson 10 - Awesome Saturn [395KB PDF file]