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Beginning Engineering, Science and Technology Educator Guides

Cover of BEST educator guide

Product Type: Educator Guide
Audience: Educators, Informal Education
Grade Levels: K-8
Publication Year: 2011
Product Number for K-2: EG-2011-3-036-GSFC
Product Number for 3-5: EG-2011-3-035-GSFC
Product Number for 6-8: EG-2011-3-034-GSFC
Subjects: General Science

Educator guides for NASA's Beginning Engineering, Science and Technology program provide activities for grades K-8. Students practice the engineering design process as they learn how scientists investigate the moon remotely, the modes of transportation to and on the moon, and how humans would live and work on the moon. All guides follow the same set of activities and promote teamwork.

Grades K-2 Guide [13MB PDF file]
Grades 3-5 Guide [13MB PDF file]
Grades 6-8 Guide [13MB PDF file]

For more information about NASA's Beginning Engineering, Science and Technology program, visit:

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