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Ares I Can Model
Ares I Can Model Poster

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Audience: Educators
Grades: All Grades
Product Number: NP-2009-06-118-MSFC

NASA plans to send humans back to the moon and on to Mars. The agency is developing a new rocket called the Ares I. The rocket will be able to carry both astronauts and the equipment to build an outpost to the moon and the Red Planet. The Ares I rocket is also called the crew launch vehicle. It will be a safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation system. Teachers and students can build an Ares I model. This easy-to- build model, made of cans of foods, was originally created to give visually impaired students an idea of the structure and relative sizes of the parts of Ares I.

Ares I Can Model  [712KB PDF file]
Ares I Funnel Template  [125KB PDF file]
Ares I Can Model Poster  [253KB PDF file]
Ramp Assembly Instructions  [1MB PDF file]
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