Events and Opportunities

    NASA Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber
    During the 2007-2008 school year, join NASA's Engineering Design Challenge to design, analyze, build and assess plant growth chambers as part of a standards-based activity related to the STS-118 space shuttle mission. Growth chambers, much like the space plant chambers students will design and build, are part of the education payload on STS-118. The first Educator Astronaut, Barbara Morgan, and her fellow crewmates will take up two growth chambers along with 10 million basil seeds. These seeds will be exposed to microgravity and brought back to Earth to be used in classrooms throughout the nation.
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    NASA Fit Explorer Challenge
    NASA's Fit Explorer project is a scientific and physical approach to human health and fitness on Earth and in space. While using standards-based classroom science activities related to the STS-118 shuttle mission and human spaceflight in general, students will learn about NASA's exploration mission and the requirements of living in space. They will perform physical activities, including: Base Station Walk-Back, Spacewalking, Jumping for the Moon, simulated crew strength training and a mission control exercise. The Fit Explorer project will run from fall 2007 through summer 2008.
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    Pennant Design Challenge
    Students' curiosity, creativity and imagination will reach new heights this summer, literally, thanks to the NASA Space Pennant Design Challenge. On the STS-118 mission, the Space Shuttle Endeavour will carry a student-designed pennant created for the challenge. Students created designs, conducted research and wrote essays about the designs' connection to exploration. The submission period has ended, and entries have been reviewed by the judges. The designs selected as finalists appear in an online gallery, and the winner has been selected through online voting.
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