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    Prepare for the Mission

    What are the objectives of the STS-118 space shuttle mission to the International Space Station? The crew will replace a control moment gyroscope, and deliver the S5 truss segment and External Stowage Platform 3 to the orbiting laboratory. It is important that the astronauts stay healthy and physically fit to perform these tasks. Learn more in the following activities.

    Hand with tether hook
    Engineering Design
    Capture students' interest with activities about spacesuits, a robotic hand, gyroscopes, protection from heat and radiation, plant growth chambers, and other engineering concepts about working in space.
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    Space snack food and dehydrated food
    Sustaining Life
    Perform experiments with foods just like the NASA food scientists; learn about the challenge of working in space by determining how much air an average "student astronaut" would need on a seven-hour spacewalk; and train like an astronaut with exercises in the Fit Explorer project.
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    Follow the Mission

    What happens to the space shuttle during a mission to the International Space Station? Visit the resources in the categories below to follow the STS-118 mission of Space Shuttle Endeavour, from liftoff to landing.

    Endeavour lifts off from launch pad 39A
    Endeavour Lifts Off
    Build and launch model rockets, learn about Space Shuttle Endeavour, follow astronauts through training, and experience the excitement of liftoff.
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    The forward section of the Space Shuttle Endeavour, docked to the Pressurized Mating Adapter on the International Space Station
    Endeavour Docks to the Space Station
    Play interactive games, view animations about the space station, learn about spacewalks, and meet the crew of the International Space Station.
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    Space Shuttle Endeavour landing at Kennedy Space Center
    Endeavour Undocks From the Space Station
    Watch a video of a shuttle touchdown, build a model of the space shuttle glider, learn how air pressure changes and affects people, and view images of Earth taken by astronauts from space.
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    Additional Resources

    Barbara Morgan, Educator Astronaut Poster -- Grades K-12
    The first Educator Astronaut shares words of inspiration on this full-color poster.
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    STS-118 Products From CORE
    STS-118 shuttle mission educational materials are now available.
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