STS-135 Educator Resources

  • Space shuttle landing at night

    One Last Time -- Please Call Atlantis for a Voice Check

    A call from the Audio Control Room at NASA's Johnson Space Center marked the last education downlink from the space shuttle.

  • The STS-135 crew poses in orange suits in front of a picture of the U.S. flag

    STS-135: Wheels Stop

    When the orbiter Atlantis lands at the end of the STS-135 mission, the Space Shuttle Program will be complete.

  • Four students prepare wheat for an experiment

    Eleven More

    Through the Student Spaceflight Experiments Program, 11 communities will take part in the final space shuttle flight.

  • Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Patch

    NASA Education and the Space Shuttle

    Visit the commemorative NASA space shuttle education site to trace the history of the shuttle and learn about the resources created during 30 years of space shuttle missions.

  • Rex Walheim and Doug Hurley

    STS-135 Crew Speaks With Students

    Atlantis Pilot Doug Hurley and Mission Specialist Rex Walheim field questions while in space from "Summer of Innovation" student participants.

  • The words The Space Shuttle Experience with picture of Earth, moon, stars and shuttle in background

    Space Shuttle Experience  →

    Participate in a variety of interactive experiences to learn how the Space Shuttle Program affects your daily life.

  • Because It Flew logo

    Because It Flew  →

    Commemorate the 30-year history of the Space Shuttle Program with this free educational program for ages 9-12. Entries are due Aug. 5, 2011.

  • Launch of space shuttle Atlantis

    Fly Your Face in Space  →

    Visit this site before the launch to upload an image to be flown aboard the final space shuttle mission. Check back after the launch to print your flight certificate, check on mission status, find NASA educational resources and follow the crew on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Space shuttle Endeavour in flight over Earth

    Space Shuttle Missions Education Resource Pages

    See these educational resource pages associated with previous missions.

Related Mission Sites

  • STS-135 mission patch


    Learn more about the STS-135 space shuttle mission and crew.

  • The letters DL overlay the image of an astronaut and an EVA suit

    STS-135 Webcast

    Tune in the day before the launch to take a behind-the-scenes look at what happens at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to prepare for a mission.

  • Space shuttle Atlantis on the launch pad

    STS-135 Image Gallery

    Space shuttle Atlantis is set for its final flight. See images related to this mission to the International Space Station.

  • Close-up view of the STS-135 mission patch

    STS-135: Mission Timeline

    Find out what is planned for each of the 13 days during space shuttle Atlantis’ last flight.

  • Astronaut Rex Walheim during an underwater training session

    STS-135 Shuttle Mission Imagery  →

    View images of the STS-135 crew members as they prepare for their mission to the International Space Station aboard space shuttle Atlantis.

  • STS-135 crew

    STS-135 Crew Profile

    The last flight of the U.S. space shuttle is a return flight to the International Space Station for each of the four astronauts aboard Atlantis.

  • Space shuttle Atlantis in orbit

    Space Shuttle Atlantis

    Learn more about the orbiter taking the STS-135 crew to the space station.

  • Space shuttle Atlantis

    Atlantis Tribute Gallery

    Take a visual walk down memory lane with these pictures of space shuttle Atlantis.

  • Space Shuttle Program Commemorative Patch

    Space Shuttle Era

    Check out this site for feature stories and videos documenting space shuttle operations and get an insider's perspective of what it takes to maintain and fly the shuttle.

  • Expedition 28 crew

    International Space Station: Expedition 28

    Commander Andrey Borisenko leads a six-member crew from Russia, the United States and Japan.

  • International Space Station in orbit

    International Space Station

    Learn more about how astronauts on board the space station are working to improve life on Earth and extend life beyond our home planet.

  • International Space Station

    International Space Station: An Interactive Guide

    Take a virtual tour of the space station, which will be the largest human-made object ever to orbit Earth.

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