STS-126 Space Shuttle Mission: Resources for Educators

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  • STS-126 crew members at Launch Pad 39A.


    Learn more about the STS-126 mission and crew.

  • Digital Learning Network

    STS-126 Webcast

    Tune in the day before the launch to get a behind-the-scenes look at what happens at Kennedy Space Center to prepare for a mission.

  • Space shuttle Endeavour rolls on the crawlerway.

    STS-126 Image Gallery

    Space shuttle Endeavour is set for the 27th mission to the International Space Station. See the images captured that relate to this mission.

  • STS-126 shuttle mission

    STS-126: Interactive Mission Timeline

    Endeavour and crew deliver equipment to the International Space Station.

  • Screenshot from the animation showing some modules next to the space shuttle

    STS-126 Animations

    View animations dealing with the STS-126 shuttle mission to the International Space Station.

  • STS-126 crew

    STS-126 Imagery  →

    The STS-126 crew members prepare for their mission to the International Space Station aboard space shuttle Endeavour.

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