STS-123 Space Shuttle Mission: Resources for Educators
STS-123 crew STS-123: Two in One
The STS-123 shuttle mission will deliver two new components to the space station: the first piece of the Japanese laboratory and the final piece of the Canadian robotic arm system.
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Detailed image of Dextre robotic hand A Helping Hand for the Space Station
The new Canadian contribution will aid with work on the orbiting laboratory's exterior.
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Cosmic Corridor STS-123 Cosmic Corridor
Move the Space Kid through the corridor to see the STS-123 image gallery.
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An astronaut STS-123 Astronaut Webcast
Get an in-depth look at the 16-day STS-123 mission. A NASA astronaut will provide insights into the mission and answer questions submitted online.
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STS-123 mission patch STS-123 Mission
Learn more about the STS-123 mission and crew.
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The station robotic arm removing the Canadian Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator STS-123 Installation Videos
See the new space station components and where they are attached to the orbiting laboratory.
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A space shuttle landing What Is the Space Shuttle?
Teach the space shuttle basics with these topic stories written for students.
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Color and Learn space shuttle Color and Learn Book
Color pictures and learn about the shuttle launch.
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Steps to Countdown above an image of a space shuttle Steps to Countdown Storybook
Find out how the space shuttle gets ready for launch.
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Space shuttle Endeavor in flight over Earth Space Shuttle Missions Education Resource Pages
See these educational resource pages associated with previous missions.
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