Spaceflight Explorers Resources for Museums, Science Centers and Libraries

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Resources for Museums, Science Centers and Libraries

NASA provides free education content that science centers, museums, libraries and other formal or informal education providers can incorporate into their programs. Student activities, educator professional development and exhibits are just a few of the unique and engaging opportunities and services available to the education community. Visit the websites below or email the Spaceflight Explorers Project Office with questions about how NASA Education can serve your students, staff and audience.

Spaceflight Explorers Office

Astronaut and NASA associate administrator for education Leland Melvin talks to students Astronaut Appearances
NASA astronauts speak to a variety of groups to inform the public about the U.S. Space Program. Typically, presentations are made to high schools and universities, community organizations, businesses and associations, or military organizations.

A man stands behind a child as he holds a space sleeping bag strap around her head Speakers Bureau
The NASA Speakers Bureau is composed of engineers, scientists and other professionals who represent the agency as speakers at civic, professional, educational and other public venues. Each year, NASA speakers make hundreds of presentations to thousands of people.

Models of the space station, shuttle and Earth hang from the ceiling as people look at the NASA exhibit area NASA Exhibits
The NASA Exhibit Program encompasses exhibits, artifacts and visitor centers located at each of NASA’s ten centers and at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

Map of the U.S. with a scattering of red stars NASA Museum Alliance
The Museum Alliance is a community of science educators at museums, science centers, planetariums, observatory visitor centers, NASA visitor centers, Challenger centers, zoos, aquariums, parks and nature centers who wish to share NASA information with their visitors.

Space shuttle EVA photo opportunity display NASA's Johnson Space Center Exhibits
Johnson operates an active traveling exhibits program whereby exhibits, displays, spacecraft models, spacesuits and various space artifacts are available on a first-come, first-served basis for short- and long-term loans.

Destination Station exhibit Destination Station Traveling Exhibit
Destination Station is NASA's International Space Station Program national awareness campaign that promotes research opportunities, educates communities about activities performed on the station, and communicates its real and potential impacts on our everyday lives.

Exhibit cases filled with spacesuit gloves Historical Space Artifacts for Educational Distribution
This website provides a portal for authorized recipients to view NASA's Space Programs potential artifacts and request desired items. The prescreening process offers an equitable opportunity for potential recipients to receive historic artifacts.

People mill around a NASA exhibit Youth and Community Activities
NASA personnel work with youth groups and communities to engage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics activities.

Workshop setting shows teachers building an experiment with balloons and simple materialsNASA Educator Resource Center Network
NASA educator resource centers provide in-service and pre-service training using NASA instructional products.

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