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Interactive Features

The words The Future of American Human Spaceflight above an image of the space station The Future of American Human Spaceflight
Click through the tabs on this page for details about the space station, commercial space transportation, vehicles, human spaceflight capabilities and future destinations.


Station Spacewalk Game 'Station Spacewalk Game'
Experience the thrill of conducting NASA repair work on the International Space Station as you complete the tasks critical to help power up the station.


Buzz Lightyear -- To Infinity and Beyond! Buzz Lightyear Returns From Space
Play the games that Buzz played on the International Space Station. Game titles: Load the Shuttle, Mission Matchup, I Spy, Connect It!, Toys in Space and Putting It Together!


Astronaut in a spacesuit floating in space Clickable Spacesuit
A spacesuit protects an astronaut from the dangers of space. Learn the parts of a spacesuit and the functions for each component.


The NASA spacesuit The NASA Spacesuit
Explore the "personal spacecraft" of astronauts, from the silver suit of the Mercury 7 to the "pumpkin suit" of the shuttle astronauts.


Cover of International Space Station Reference Guide Interactive International Space Station Reference Guide
Take a virtual tour of the orbiting outpost.


Robonaut 2 with an arm extended below the words myexploration, the First Human-like Robot in Space Robonaut 2 -- The First Human-like Robot in Space
Meet the robot, tour the galleries and test your skills in the 3DV Virtual Experience.


NASA Home and City Interactive Feature NASA @ Home and City
Have you ever wondered how space exploration impacts your daily life? Pick a starting point and see how space traces back to you.


Main page of NASA Kids’ Club NASA Kids' Club
Play games, visit the clubhouse, check out the crew on the space station and have fun learning about NASA.


Main page of Eyes on the Earth website Eyes on the Earth -- Vital Signs of the Planet
Travel in time and explore NASA satellite visualizations in 3-D.


Spaced Out Sports logo 'Spaced Out Sports' Winning Videos
Watch the winning videos of student-created games that were played by astronauts on the International Space Station.


Rocket Science 101 interactive feature Rocket Science 101
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to launch a NASA spacecraft with NASA's Rocket Science 101!


Cartoon globe of the planets Global Exploration Roadmap
Follow the interactive map and learn about future space exploration.


Japanese Experiment Module on the space station International Space Station Photosynth Images
Get a unique 3-D perspective of the space station.


A NASA logo with the words Destiny Laboratory and National Aeronautics and Space Administration International Space Station Laboratories
Tour the Destiny, Columbus and Kibo laboratories on the space station.


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