Solar Weather Action Center

Solar Weather Action Center

Monitor the progress of an entire solar storm.

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NES Project

Boy in a spacesuit

Learn more about the NASA Explorer School project!

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A woman and an astronaut sitting at a desk with a television screen in the background on which students appear and are waving at the viewers

Learn more about opportunities available through the NASA Digital Learning Network.

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Living and Working in Space: Energy

    Astronauts on the International Space Station, or ISS, are working to improve life on Earth and to extend life beyond their home planet. The International Space Station is more than 300 km (186 miles) away from the ground. It's too far to run an electric cord. How does NASA supply energy to run the space station?

    Living and Working in Space: Energy offers a unique set of inquiry-based learning environments that motivate students to master core science and math standards. Problem-based learning , or PBL, activities use themes that unite classroom objectives that are often taught in isolation. Students learn about the sun, energy, energy transformation and electrical circuits as they confront problems about supplying energy for space exploration.

    Get involved. Learn about NASA space exploration. Discover challenges and solutions as NASA builds the ISS and plans for the exploration of the moon and Mars. Choose a problem-based learning activity and prepare for an exciting learning experience.

    Choose a problem to solve!

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Problems to Solve

  • Conceptual drawing by Les Bossinas of NASA Glenn shows a Mars rover with a deployable solar array

    Solar Energy for Space Exploration

    What variables might affect the operation of solar panels? What solar energy design would best provide power to a lunar or Martian research habitat for six explorers?

  • Illustration of a child looking up at the sky through a telescope

    Star Count

    How many stars can you see on a clear night where you live?

  • Artists rendition of a solar storm and satellites around Earth

    Space Weather Action Center  →

    Analyze and record NASA satellite and observatory data, and transform the data into a news report.

  • A drawing of a satellite with the sun in the background

    In the News!  →

    What have scientists and engineers learned about the sun that can lead to a safer environment for astronauts as they live and work on the moon?

  • Drawing of a portion of the Earth and the sun during a solar storm

    Tracking a Solar Storm  →

    How can we predict solar storms to protect satellites, powergrids and astronauts?