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Engineering Design Process

The engineering design process involves a series of steps that lead to the development of a new product or system. In the NASA Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber project, students are to complete each step and document their work as they develop their lunar plant growth chamber.
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Scientific Method

Scientists all over the world make discoveries by asking questions and searching for the answers. They conduct experiments using a common process called the scientific method. With the scientific method, researchers start by observing something they don't understand. They then review the background information about the topic and state the problem. Next, they form a hypothesis of what they think will happen, and design and do an experiment to test their theory. After collecting and analyzing the data from the experiment, they draw conclusions. Sometimes their hypothesis is right. But other times the experiment leads to more questions and a newer theory.

Science is an active process where knowledge continues to grow as scientists ask better questions and use improved technology to try to answer those questions. Although new technology can lead to better science, technology alone is not good science. Good science is the result of asking good questions.

Examine the chart for more information about each step.
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