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NASA's STS-118 mission of the space shuttle Endeavour has given students a chance to become involved with NASA. Students have the opportunity to design and build a plant growth chamber and test their chamber by growing seeds that were flown on the International Space Station for a year and returned on Endeavour during STS-118. Space-flown seeds are no longer available, but students can use different types of seeds from here on Earth to test the designs of their lunar plant growth chambers.

Plant growth could be an important part of space exploration in the future. NASA scientists and engineers are working today to learn what they need to know to make that possible.

Read about what it's like to do plant research at NASA.


Career Profiles

Angela Beaman leans on a table covered with basil plants Growing Plants Without the Dirt
Research by a NASA graduate fellow aims to improve how plants grow in space.

Robert Bowman Space Gardener
A plant biologist studies plant reproduction for NASA.

Julie Chard In the Trenches
A scientist conducts experiments with plants in controlled environments.

Oscar Monje Seeing the Plants' Point of View
A plant scientist helps NASA engineers design plant growth chambers for space.

A profile of Stutte holding a small tray with green, leafy sprouts on it Growing Better Food
A NASA scientist is motivated by his desire to improve plants as food.

Ray Wheeler Outdoors and Outer Space
A plant physiologist combines two of his childhood interests in his work with NASA.

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