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Technology Tools

    Measuring Raindrops Interactive Spreadsheet

    Data collected during the Measuring Raindrops activity can be entered into this interactive spreadsheet, enabling students to graphically model the data and calculate corresponding percents. Teachers may also use the interactive spreadsheet to quickly aggregate and display class data.

    Download the Spreadsheet

    Measuring Raindrops: A Virtual Rainstorm

    Data in Measuring Raindrops: A Virtual Rainstorm can be used to simulate data collected during an actual rainstorm. Students can compare data from one to three rain events. Raindrops can be measured directly on the display.

    Download the PowerPoint

    Sample Raindrops

    Use this set of sample data with the Measuring Raindrops educator guide if there is no rain in the local weather forecast.

    Download the Sample Data

    Heart Rate Math Model

    This math model will help your students calculate how many times their heart will beat in 78 years. Teachers may also use this model to quickly demonstrate changes in heart rate due to physical activity.

    Download the Spreadsheet

    Template for 3-D Glasses

    Use this template to make your own 3-D glasses. Be sure the red acetate is on the left eye and the blue acetate is on the right eye lens.

    Get the Template

    Tick Tock

    Tick Tock is a five minute looped file of a ticking metronome to be used with the lesson "Polyimide Foam."

    Download the Audio File

    Siple Data: A Virtual Ice Core

    Designed to be used with the Educator Guide "What Causes Global Climate Change?" Students can collect Siple ice core data virtually using this PowerPoint presentation.

    Download the PowerPoint

    Siple Ice Core Data

    This spreadsheet contains data from the Siple ice core for students to graph.

    Download the Spreadsheet