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  • Planets revolving behind Astro-Matic 3000

    Astro-Matic 3000

    "Astro-Matic 3000" can tell your age and weight on different planets and moons.

  • Cartoon image of Buzz Lightyear holding a spinning top on the tip of his finger beside a box with the words Toys in Space

    Buzz Lightyear -- Toys in Space

    Follow Buzz to learn how different toys behave in space. First, make a guess about how each toy will behave in microgravity, and then check out a short movie to see if you are right.


  • A ping pong ball sits on a ping pong paddle resting on a table

    Gravity Assist Simulator  →

    Explore gravity assist maneuvers by navigating through the simulator's four parts:
    (1) Elastic Collisions -- Introduction,
    (2) Stationary Planet -- Flyby Basics,
    (3) New Horizons Mission -- Jupiter Gravity Assist, and
    (4) Messenger Mission -- Venus Gravity Assist.

  • Game face showing Earth with a cannon sitting on the North Pole

    Shoot a Cannon Ball Into Orbit!  →

    Load the cannon with gunpowder and then press FIRE!