STS-122 Space Shuttle Mission: Resources for Educators
The seven STS-122 crew members wearing training versions of their orange shuttle launch and entry suits STS-122: Columbus Sets Sail
The STS-122 shuttle mission will deliver the Columbus laboratory to the space station.
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Leland Melvin in his orange spacesuit The Man Behind the Arm
Astronaut Leland Melvin will operate the robotic arm that will install a new laboratory on the ISS.
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Rex Walheim in an orange spacesuit Spending Time Outside
Astronaut Rex Walheim will help make the space station bigger during spacewalks.
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Leland Melvin From the Gridiron to the Shuttle
Even in space, astronaut Leland Melvin is never far from his background on the football field. "When we're strapped in and the countdown clock is going..." he says, "that's when I'll say, 'OK, game time.'"
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Computer-generated drawing of a little astronaut in a blue suit STS-122 Info Orb
Help Space Kid collect orbs to learn how the Columbus module will sail to the space station on the STS-122 space shuttle mission.
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STS-122 Memory Game STS-122 Memory Game
How fast can you match the STS-122 pictures?
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STS-122 crew standing in front of the space shuttle STS-122 Mission
Learn more about the STS-122 mission and crew.
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Color and Learn space shuttle Color and Learn Book
Color pictures and learn about the shuttle launch.
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Steps to Countdown above an image of a space shuttle Steps to Countdown Storybook
Find out how the space shuttle gets ready for launch.
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Space shuttle Endeavor in flight over Earth Previous Missions
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