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  • rockets by size activity

    Rockets by Size

    02.08.10 - This introductory activity to space is good for kindergartners and first graders. It uses a variety of skills -- from cutting and drawing to basic math.

  • Space shuttle Atlantis shortly after liftoff

    Countdown Begins

    02.02.10 - In this lesson, students associate a countdown with a rocket launch and practice counting from 10 to 1. Graphics to support this lesson are included with the document.

  • A red, yellow and green aurora display fills the night sky

    Dancing Lights

    01.26.10 - An activity for grades 3-5 encourages students to be creative as they explore the beauty, science and mythology of auroras.

  • Amazing Space Logo

    Amazing Space Teaching Tools  →

    01.26.10 - Use these tools to bring space science into your classroom! A description, suggestions for using the resource, and related materials accompany each tool.

  • X-ray image shows hands inside a closed box

    What's Hidden Inside? Activity

    01.19.10 - This lesson challenges students to gather information about items they cannot see, using limited senses.

  • The cover page of the Field Trip to the Moon Educator Guide

    Field Trip to the Moon Educator Guide

    05.18.10 - Students use inquiry-based learning as they work in teams to understand complex systems and design a self-sufficient lunar station. Each team will have two tasks with specific objectives to complete.

  • The cover page of Space Science Is for Everyone

    Space Science Is for Everyone

    12.01.09 - NASA and the Southeast Regional Clearinghouse offer a collection of helpful hints and resources for STEM educators who work with persons with disabilities.

  • Cosmonaut Oleg Kotov and astronaut Sunita Williams share a meal on the International Space Station

    Food Preparation for Space Activity

    11.03.09 - Help students simulate food preparation on the International Space Station by measuring and mixing ingredients of rehydratable food and drinks.

  • NASA SciFiles logo

    Case of the Inhabitable Habitat  →

    10.20.09 - The Tree House Detectives accept the challenge of designing a habitat that can sustain life on Mars. Scroll to the 2001-2002 Season to find the guide and video segments related to the show.

  • A student looking through a telescope at the moon

    LCROSS Education  →

    09.29.09 - Lesson plans, images and Web sites help bring the moon into your classroom.

  • Mission controllers looking at a video screen during a space shuttle landing

    NASA -- Careers

    09.15.09 - NASA is more than astronauts.

  • Cartoon image of a book lashed to the back of a rocket and words Blast Back to School in lower right corner

    Blast Back to School

    08.11.09 - Add a little space to your classroom this year with NASA educational resources.

  • variety of chocolate for use in edible rock meteorite activity

    Teachers, Whip Up a Mouth-Watering Meteorite Activity

    08.17.09 - A recent meteorite discovery on Mars and an edible classroom activity provide a scrumptious way to kick off the new school year with a meteorite lesson.

  • A space shuttle during blastoff

    KSNN's How Do Shuttles Blast Off?  →

    08.25.09 - Get your classroom ready for the launch of STS-128.

  • A girl holds her completed comet model

    Comet on a Stick!

    08.18.09 - Help students build a model of a comet.

  • A cartoon airplane flies behind a bird

    Plan to Fly There

    08.11.09 - Students use measurement and problem-solving skills to create a simple flight plan. They role-play the communication process that pilots use with the phonetic alphabet.

  • Three students look at a globe of Jupiter

    Lunar and Planetary Institute Educator Resources  →

    08.04.09 - This site contains standards-based lesson plans and resources.

  • An artist's rendition of a huge flare on the young star EV Lacertae

    Student Observation Network

    07.28.09 - The Student Observation Network provides activity modules with a theme that promotes inquiry.

  • The sun and Earth seen from space

    Science@NASA for Educators  →

    07.21.09 - Use these unique NASA resources to provide opportunities for students to investigate their world and their universe.

  • Earth's moon

    Exploring the Moon Educator Guide

    07.14.09 - Use the information found in this guide to help students travel to the moon!