The STS-114 mission is NASA's first launch in a new adventure. Someday, this adventure will send people to Mars. But that won't be the end. They will keep exploring new worlds!

    The president announced a plan for NASA. It's called the Vision for Space Exploration. The first step is to start flying the Space Shuttle again. That step is here! Then, the Space Shuttle will help finish the International Space Station. Astronauts on the ISS will learn more about living in space.

    NASA will also build a new spacecraft. It will be used to fly people to the Moon. They will build bases there. They will learn more about living on other worlds. Robots will learn about Mars and other places in our solar system. When NASA has learned enough, they will be ready for the next step. They will send people to Mars!

    But, even when all of that is done, the adventure will be just beginning. Space is very big, and there are lots of places to explore.