Return to Flight: Resources for Educators

    Time for launch is drawing near! More than two years after the last Space Shuttle mission, NASA will soon be returning to flight. Preparations are underway to make sure that the next Shuttle mission will be the safest ever. Improvements have been made to the Orbiter Discovery, and the STS-114 crew has been trained in new safety techniques. Soon, all of this hard work will pay off as the Space Shuttle once again returns to orbit!

    NASA's Office of Education is using that excitement to develop innovative activities and events that will engage and educate the public as well as inspire the next generation of explorers. To learn more, download this flyer.
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    This page has been created for the educational community with resources created just for them. Look for Return to Flight articles, classroom activities, multimedia and more. Check out the links to Return to Flight for Kids and the Vision for Space Exploration. Join the team as NASA takes the next step in preparation for the longer journeys to the Moon, Mars and beyond. The future is waiting!

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Return to Flight: Resources for Educators