Being an astronaut is an exciting job! The fun things they get to do are really out-of-this-world. When the Space Shuttle flies, the astronauts get a lot of attention.

    But, many other people work to make the launch possible. NASA is a huge team. Many types of people work together. You may know about some of them. There are the people in Mission Control. They help the astronauts during their flight. Engineers found ways to make the Shuttle safer. Scientists learn more about how things work in space.

    But, there are many other members of the NASA team. There are people who teach the crew other languages. This helps them work with crew members from other countries. Doctors make sure the crew is healthy. NASA even has teachers on its team. They get students excited about space. Then, those students might work for NASA one day. They will be the next astronauts, doctors, engineers and scientists.