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    The Hubble Space Telescope, or HST, is a unique tool for space exploration and for education. For more than 18 years, Hubble has peered into the universe, inspiring students of all ages to wonder — to ponder new science questions and to seek answers about the universe. Hubble's stunning imagery has revealed visual wonders of the known universe. Hubble truly inspires "wonder" in multiple ways. The resources found here offer a wide variety of tools to bring that wonder to learners of all ages in varied learning environments.

    Visit each of the sections to learn more about the topics below:
    • Preparations for the last space shuttle mission to service Hubble, STS-125/SM4
    • Training of the astronauts for the work they will conduct in space
    • Technologies developed and used for Hubble servicing missions
    • An interactive simulation of planned spacewalks
    • 50+ careers associated with the Hubble Project
    • Hubble's major science discoveries
    • Interactive lessons and e-education opportunities featuring science, technology, engineering, math and career exploration
    • Special Hubble education opportunities


    Introduction to Hubble

    Image of the Hubble Space Telescope with the Omega Nebula in the background

    The Hubble has taken thousands of inspiring images of the universe. Image Credit: NASA

    Hubble's launch in 1990 marked the most significant advance in astronomy since Galileo's telescope! Its discoveries have resulted in advanced scientific questions and space exploration technological capabilities. Its four servicing missions have advanced Hubble's capabilities to peer into the universe. Learn more about Hubble's story here.

    Featured Resources
    • Hubble Space Telescope's history and milestones
    • Hubble Servicing Mission 4 (SM4/STS-125)
    • Multimedia clips and a simulation activity

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    Hubble Careers

    Graphic showing the outline of a group of people under the Hubble and the words Hubble Careers

    Over 3,000 people are currently involved in the servicing mission to Hubble. Image Credit: NASA

    Learn about the broad diversity of talents, skills and people within the Hubble scientific and technical community. Visit the Hubble Careers area often to discover new career profiles, complementary audio and video clips, links to cool sites that host Hubble career activities, and updates on Hubble career resources, products and events.

    Featured Resources
    • Hubble Careers in Action
    • Hubble Stars
    • Servicing Mission 4 Team
    • Hubble Careers Learning Modules

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    From Galileo to the Great Observatories

    Silhouette of a man gazing at the night sky with the words Galileo to the Great Observatories in the foreground

    Celebrate the mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Image Credit: Kathy Cordes

    Investigate the wonders revealed by telescopes from Galileo's observations to Hubble's great discoveries. Come along as we await the release of Hubble's images after the installation of the new scientific instruments. These images will demonstrate the benefits of the newly installed instruments and of the extension of Hubble's life at least until 2013.

    Featured Resources
    • Classroom activities and products
    • Multimedia/Interactive Learning
    • Related Resource Sites

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    Hubble Spacewalks and Technologies

    Two astronauts in white suits standing outside on the shuttle in space wave to the cameraman inside the space shuttle

    Astronauts John Grunsfeld (right) and Richard M. Linnehan are on a spacewalk near the Hubble Space Telescope during Hubble Servicing Mission 3B. Image Credit: NASA

    Spacewalks or extravehicular activities, also known as EVAs, are crucial to the success of servicing the Hubble Space Telescope. Five EVAs will be conducted on consecutive days during the mission as the spacewalkers pair off into two teams. One team will conduct the first, third and fifth spacewalks, while the other team will conduct the second and fourth spacewalks. The spacewalks will vary in length, but they generally will be around seven hours each. Crew members will repair and upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope and extend its life at least until 2013.

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    Current Opportunities

    The words "Current Opportunities" above a montage of related images.

    Find the right tools for you and your students. Image Credit: NASA

    Many opportunities for students and educators are offered only for a limited time so check this page frequently. It will be updated as new opportunities arise.

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    • Contests
    • Special Projects
    • Web Sites

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