Mission Journal

    The Fit Explorer Mission Journal is a “mission notebook” for students to organize their physical activity practice time, document research topics, and collect and graph data on their progress. The Mission Journal includes student instructions, logs for setting goals and monitoring progress, and an reflection piece for individual assessment.

    Using the Mission Journal, students will be able to
         - set weekly physical activity or research goals;
         - record qualitative and quantitative data;
         - make daily observations about their physical performance and improvement; and
         - track the frequency of their physical activity and research for points toward the Fit Explorer Challenge.

    A Mission Journal should be printed, assembled and distributed to each student to assist in setting individual physical activity or research goals and to track improvements in physical activities over time.

    Each student’s Mission Journal should include:
         - Mission Journal Instructions
         - Mission Handouts
         - Mission Logs
         - Graph paper
         - Mission Journal Reflection

    If participating in the Fit Explorer Challenge, the Mission Journal can be used to collectively track individual point totals to apply toward the group’s/crew’s overall point goal.


    Administering the Mission Journal
    Administering the Mission Journal is an instruction guide for completion of the students’ Mission Journals. Inside the guide you will find information on how to track student progress and suggestions for using and expanding on the Mission Journal in the classroom and into the community.
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    Mission Journal Instructions
    The Mission Journal Instructions are a student guide to understanding the Mission Journal. This document should be included in the student’s assembled Mission Journal.
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    Mission Logs
    Students will use the Mission Log to track their physical activity goals and improvements, and to record their research and observation data. Each Mission Handout requires a separate Mission Log, specific to that activity. Graph paper is provided for organizing data recorded in the Mission Log.
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    Mission Journal Reflection
    This assessment will challenge your students to reflect on what they have learned by participating in the NASA Fit Explorer Project.
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