Fit Explorer Challenge

    Motivate your students to be physically active and engage in research by taking part in the Fit Explorer Challenge!

    The NASA Fit Explorer Challenge is designed to engage students in physical activities and learning about health and nutrition. Using the challenge components, you can track the progress of your students, or crew, as they train like an astronaut with NASA’s Fit Explorer Project.

    Students are presented with a mission assignment to practice physical activities (Mission Handouts), set physical activity and research goals (Mission Logs), track their progress and improvements (Mission Journal), and conduct hands-on nutrition activities (Educational Activities) as they train to become NASA’s new generation of Fit Explorers.

    Students will accumulate individual and group points as they progress through the Fit Explorer Challenge. They will record and total their own individual points in the Mission Logs, reporting these totals weekly to the educator. Additional points can be obtained by participating in the Educational Activities as a group. Educators should track points weekly on the Weekly Point Tracker then tally all weeks on the Challenge Tracker as they follow the group’s progress throughout the challenge.

    Based on weekly/accumulative point totals, students will progress up through the Exploration Levels and earn achievement certificates. Educators may wish to print out certificates for each student or for the entire group to recognize their achievements. New certificates may be awarded as Exploration Levels are completed or certificates may be given at the end of the Fit Explorer Challenge for the final level attained. Students will work their way through eight Explorer levels, learning about previous manned missions and aspiring recognition as a Fit Explorer!

    Encouraging your students to take part in the Fit Explorer Challenge is an excellent way to engage individual students, a group, a class, a grade level, or even your entire school!

Fit Explorer Challenge

  • Exploration Levels

    Students can achieve Fit Explorer Exploration Levels by working together as a crew and earning points for practicing the physical activities, researching related topics, and participating in the educational hands-on activities.

  • Certificates of Achievement

    As students reach their individual or group goals and achieve exploration levels, they may receive certificates of achievement. Follow the link to view and print the Fit Explorer Certificates.

  • Track Crew Progress

    Keep track of student’s progress as they earn points towards the Fit Explorer Challenge. Use the Weekly Point Tracker and Challenge Tracker to easily monitor your group’s progress.