Education Modules

    Fit Explorers will understand more about how physical activity and nutrition affect the human body by conducting a set of hands-on explorations. These science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, or STEM, activities, correlated to the National Education Standards, will challenge students to investigate and discover more about physical activity and nutrition.


    Living Bones, Strong Bones
    Engineering, nutrition, and physical activity collide when students design and build a healthy bone model of a space explorer which is strong enough to withstand increasing amounts of weight.

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    Energy of an Astronaut
    Where does the energy of a space explorer come from? Find out about caloric intake, energy needs, and the metabolism inside the human space explorer’s body by testing for starch with flour tortillas.
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    Reduced Gravity, Low Fat
    What does a balanced meal for a space explorer consist of? Discover the fat content of a commercially produced value meal using exploration and a bit of “whizzardry”.
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    What part of a future space explorer’s body is made of water? How does the body gain and lose fluids? Using balloons, find out about how a future space explorer loses moisture from their body, and how to appropriately replace that lost moisture.
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