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STEM on Station -- Engineering

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Are you looking for an interesting way to teach engineering? How about using one of the century's greatest engineering marvels -- the International Space Station? The space station with its many science laboratories is engineered so that humans can live and work in space for an extended period of time. View videos that illustrate engineering tasks that take place on the space station.

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Related Lesson Plans

NASA Engineering Design Challenge: Lunar Plant Growth Chamber -- Design, analyze, build and assess plant growth chambers that could be used on the moon. Test the growth chamber with seeds that were flown on the International Space Station.

ISS End Effector and Straw Truss Activity -- Fine-tune engineering skills by designing a model of the space station truss or constructing an end effector.

Design Challenge -- Students create a public display of International Space Station modules. Students identify the design problem, develop an effective solution, test their design, and present the results of their efforts to the public.

Additional Resources

An astronaut, during a spacewalk, attached to a robotic arm of the space station Real World: Robotic Arms
Learn about the unique engineering design of the robotic arm that helps astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

Astronaut waving on the space station Real World: Environmental Control on the International Space Station
Learn how engineers turn perspiration into innovation on the space station so astronauts can live and work comfortably.

International Space Station Real World: Solar Power in Space
Learn how the International Space Station catches sunlight to provide electricity and oxygen to the station.

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