DIY Podcast: Rocket Science Video Clips

    NASA Launch Vehicle Systems Analyst (rocket scientist) Tristan Curry discusses rockets and the scientific principles that cause a rocket to launch. Education specialist Fred Kepner explains how to find a model rocket’s center of pressure and center of gravity. These video clips include launches of historical U.S. and German rockets and modern rockets. You can mix and mash these video clips with NASA images and your own narration, original video, special effects and transitions. Preview the video and download the clips you want to use in your own project.

    Rocket Science video clips

    The latest topic module, Rocket Science, uses a new video tool that allows files to be downloaded in one step. Clicking the link opens NASA's Video Gallery page. The new delivery system offers definite advantages over the previous method. First, the new files will be about half the size of current video files. Reduced file sizes result in faster download times and lower bandwidth usage. Another advantage is the capability to watch the videos on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. By using a download app, you will be able to download the video to your device and edit it with a video editing app.

    Click on the link below to go to the Rocket Science video clips page. To save a video file to your computer, right click the green Download Video button.

    Rocket Science VMIX screenshot

    Rocket Science Experts Video Clips

    Rockets, Launches, and Animations Video Clips

    Rocket Science Video Clips Transcriptions

    Video clips for this module are located on the NASA Video Gallery pages. You can preview the clips with or without captions. Download the video as an .mp4 file, which can be used on various computer platforms. If you require additional assistance with these files, please forward comments or questions to We will respond to inquiries within five business days.

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