DIY Podcast: Recycling Video Clips

    The videos for the Recycling module are on the NASA Video Gallery page.
    1. Preview the videos to decide which ones you want.
    2. Right click the green "Download Video" button to save a video to your computer.
    3. Mix and mash these video clips with NASA images and your own narration, original video, special effects and transitions.
    NASA experts talk about how NASA recycles. The clips include NASA microbiologist Monsi Roman. She helped design and test the Environmental Control and Life Support System, or ECLSS, which is on the International Space Station. Now Roman is working on systems that will provide life support for spacecraft that one day may carry humans to Mars or beyond.

    Other clips include astronaut Mike Fincke, who describes what space station recycling is like. Astronauts on the station in May 2009 were the first to drink water from the new recycling system.

    Recycling video clips

    NASA Experts Video Clips

    Download video of the first drink of water on station after ECLSS was installed or animations about NASA's recycling process.

    More Recycling Videos

    Recycling Video Clips Transcriptions

    Video clips for this module are located on the NASA Video Gallery pages. You can preview the clips with or without captions. Download the video as an .mp4 file, which can be used on various computer platforms. If you require additional assistance with these files, please forward comments or questions to We will respond to inquiries within five business days.

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Recycling Resources

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    Reuse our clips to make a podcast about recycling.

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    Audio Clips

    Download NASA audio clips to build a podcast about recycling.

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    Use NASA images to transition between scenes in your recycling video podcast.

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