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Cartoon woman stands beside the words DIY Podcast Tutorial

The tutorial demonstrates how students can create podcasts using NASA's free resources.

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Do-It-Yourself Podcast

    New Module

    Cartoon woman stands beside the words DIY Podcast Tutorial

    Are you looking for a new approach to engage students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics? NASA's Do-It-Yourself Podcast activity sets the stage for students to host a show that features astronauts doing experiments on the International Space Station or NASA experts explaining scientific concepts. NASA provides a set of audio and video clips along with links to images and information about a STEM-related topic. Students can choose as many items as they want to include in a project and download them to their computer. Students can use the information provided or conduct their own research to write a script for an audio or video production.

    How It Works

    Steps for building a podcast. Download, write, record, edit and share
    Using a camcorder, digital audio recorder or computer, students can record narration and other scenes or interviews. Students can then mix and mash their recordings with the NASA clips and edit the production.

    Your computer probably has software for editing video or audio. If not, search the Web for free or inexpensive editing software for your Mac or PC. Tip: Read several reviews to find a dependable editing program that's easy to use.

    Once your students finish editing their show, they can share it in different ways, such as podcasts, social networks, video sharing sites, blogs, school websites, cell phones or DVDs. If students choose to create a podcast that can be downloaded onto MP3 players or other electronic devices, they will need to identify a school or other website on which to post the file. You can then create an RSS feed so the episodes are delivered automatically to people who subscribe to your podcast. RSS stands for really simple syndication. Search the Web to find step-by-step instructions to create an RSS feed from scratch or use an RSS feed creation tool.

    Get started: Preview video clips, audio clips and images under each topic module's Resources section located on the right side of each topic module page. Students can download the clips and images they want to include in their own podcast. The DIY Podcast Blog offers teacher tips and production ideas. Subscribe to the RSS feed to receive updates of new posts.

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  • Two people dressed in spacesuits work in the desert

    Exploration Careers

    Go to work building a podcast about careers in exploration.

  • Child wearing jetpack stands near the words Failure Prevention

    Failure Prevention

    Failure is not an option -- make your podcast about failure prevention now.

  • Earth, the space station and the moon with a drop of water surrounded by the recycle symbol


    Reuse our clips to make a podcast about recycling.

  • The International Space Station

    Space Station

    Build a podcast about the orbiting science lab.

  • Floating sphere of water with colorful candies inside


    Build your podcast to explain why astronauts float.

  • Rocket blueprint with the words Rocket Science

    Rocket Science

    Create a podcast explaining how and why rockets fly.

  • A young man lifting weights


    Flex your creative muscle and make your own podcast about staying fit, even in space.

  • Two students smile as they look into microscopes

    Lab Safety

    Learn about lab safety from NASA astronauts and share your knowledge through your own podcast.

  • A girl looks up at a falling apple

    Newton's Laws

    Tap into astronaut expertise as you build your own podcast about Newton's laws.

  • A small robot with arms and legs


    Program your own podcast about robots.

  • A view of the International Space Station's solar arrays

    Solar Arrays

    Get charged up with your own podcast featuring astronauts demonstrating solar arrays.

  • Lee floating in space above a partial view of Earth


    Create your own podcast about astronauts' high-tech apparel.

  • Basketball, soccer ball, softball, baseball and golf ball grouped on a white surface

    Sports Demo

    Score with your own podcast demonstrating the science of sports in space.