DIY Podcast: Failure Prevention Video Clips

    The Failure Prevention module videos are on the NASA Video Gallery page.
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    This module has video clips of NASA experts explaining how NASA works to prevent failure. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden says failure is not an option for NASA.

    Victoria (Torey) Long and Clara Wright are engineers at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida and Camille Alleyne is an engineer at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Texas. They all have experience in preventing and analyzing failure.

    Failure prevention video clips

    NASA Experts Video Clips

    Historical video clips show successes and failures of some of the first rockets.

    More recent video clips show how NASA tests equipment to prevent failure.

    Failure Prevention Video Clips Transcriptions

    Video clips for this module are located on the NASA Video Gallery pages. You can preview the clips with or without captions. Download the video as an .mp4 file, which can be used on various computer platforms. If you require additional assistance with these files, please forward comments or questions to We will respond to inquiries within five business days.

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