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  • A page from the Lunar Surface Instrumentation problem

    Space Exploration AP: Lunar Surface Instrumentation

    04.21.09 - On the lunar surface, environmental sensors and instruments will need to be placed near a lunar outpost. Students will work with vector addition to find an answer to this space exploration problem.

  • Benson holds a baseball in the air.

    Glenn Engineer Puts a NASA Spin on Baseball

    04.06.09 - Tom Benson teaches students the physics of flight by comparing airplanes and rockets to baseball.

  • A climatogram comparing precipitation and temperature

    Investigating Factors That Influence Climate  →

    04.07.09 - In this lesson, students employ inquiry methods to investigate how latitude and longitude (and distance from oceans) impact climatic factors such as temperature and precipitation.

  • The Malaspina glacier in Alaska as viewed from space

    MY NASA DATA Lesson Plan: Studying Snow and Ice Changes  →

    03.03.09 - In this lesson, students examine how snow and ice cover have changed on Earth from 1994 to 2004 and practice using some of the data analysis tools available at My NASA Data.

  • The planet Mars above the words No Boundaries

    No Boundaries Project and Student Contest  →

    04.07.09 - NASA has teamed with USA TODAY Education to challenge students to explore careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The contest deadline is May 15, 2009.

  • The front of the Earth and Space Science Explorers poster

    Earth and Space Science Explorers Poster

    01.21.09 - NASA Earth and space science explorers include people of all ages who use NASA science and technology to explore from planet Earth to the far reaches of the universe.

  • NASA EDGE Logo


    12.09.08 - Whether it's the latest launch or the coolest gadgets, NASA EDGE hosts provide an offbeat, funny and informative look behind the NASA curtain.

  • The cover page of Space Science Is for Everyone

    Space Science Is for Everyone

    12.01.09 - NASA and the Southeast Regional Clearinghouse offer a collection of helpful hints and resources for STEM educators who work with persons with disabilities.

  • engineers with Mars Science Laboratory

    NASA Invites Students to Name New Mars Rover

    11.18.08 - NASA is looking for the right stuff, or in this case, the right name for the next Mars rover.

  • Astronaut in white spacesuit works outside the space station

    NASA Education Spacesuits and Spacewalks Website

    Learn about spacesuits and how they have evolved. Meet people who design, build and work with them.

  • NASA at 50

    Discovery Education: "NASA at 50" Series

    11.04.08 - Each of the 18 NASA historical milestones on this timeline includes a downloadable video clip, audio clip and teachers guide with discussion questions and a classroom activity.

  • Screenshot of the States of Matter interactive activity

    IBEX Interactive Activity: States of Matter  →

    10.28.08 - Explore how energy helps change matter from one state to another with this interactive online tool. Also available in Spanish.

  • An instructor teaching two teachers at computers

    Envisioning Science

    10.28.08 - A NASA team has developed software to help students who are visually impaired "see" Earth.

  • An image of red and white objects in a dark sky with an arrow pointing at a circled object

    What Is a Planet? Lesson Plan

    10.21.08 - In this lesson, students learn about the characteristics of planets, comets, asteroids and trans-Neptunian objects through a classification activity.

  • A graph showing the states of matter in relation to temperature

    Cryogenics Lab Videos  →

    09.16.08 - Watch what happens when ordinary objects are cooled to cryogenic temperatures, and learn about phase changes.

  • An aerial view of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory

    The Role of Engineering at JPL

    09.16.08 - This NASA video segment explains what engineers do at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California. Viewers learn that engineers work collaboratively to solve problems.

  • View of a hurricane taken from space

    "Lifecycle of a Hurricane" Video

    09.09.08 - Most tropical hurricanes begin in Africa, but an El Nino can stop the storms before they become full-blown.

  • A drawing of an Earth-based telescope and the Hubble Space Telescope next to the word SkyView

    SkyView: The Internet's Virtual Telescope  →

    08.19.08 - This virtual observatory generates images of any part of the sky at wavelengths in all regimes from Radio to Gamma-Ray.

  • Cover of Getting Dirty on Mars

    Getting Dirty on Mars

    08.12.08 - In this lab activity, students compare soil from Earth to simulated Martian soil.

  • A cartoon astronaut floats in a falling elevator

    Microgravity Video Learning Clips

    07.08.08 - Designed for students in grades 5-12, these video clips focus on four scientific disciplines in microgravity studies: fluid physics, materials science, biotechnology and combustion.