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  • Four spheres representing the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere, and litho/geosphere over a picture of Earth as seen from space

    Spheres of Earth Educator Guide  →

    Use the activity in this guide to introduce students to aspects of the atmosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and litho/geosphere.

  • FIDO robotic rover on rocky terrain

    Rover Races Activity

    Students experience the challenges of tele-operating a robotic vehicle when they design and execute a series of commands to guide a human "rover."

  • The words NASA's LAUNCHPAD The Great Boomerang Challenge over an image of a boomerang in flight

    The Great Boomerang Challenge

    This guide from NASA eClips includes lessons to lead students through the engineering design process and discover the ways forces affect a boomerang.

  • A tenth-century Greek copy of a noteworthy work by Aristarchus of Samos showing calculations for distance ratios between the sun, moon and Earth

    Education Resources About Eclipses  →

    Find lesson plans, activities and links related to eclipses for high school classrooms.

  • Spiral Galaxy NGC 3370

    Stellar Evolution: Our Cosmic Connection  →

    This teacher guide focuses on the cosmic cycles of stellar formation and destruction -- and their connection to planet formation.

  • The International Space Station

    Space Station Do-It-Yourself Podcast Module

    With cool NASA video and images, you and your students can build a podcast about the orbiting laboratory.

  • XS-1 aircraft in flight

    Mach Number Activities  →

    On Oct. 14, 1947, Chuck Yeager piloted the first manned flight to reach Mach 1. Commemorate this event with lessons related to the speed of sound.

  • Cover of Space Math V

    Space Math V

    This collection of 87 mathematics problems and activities investigates planets, moons, stars and other space phenomena.

  • Child wearing jetpack stands near the words Failure Prevention

    DIY Podcast: Failure Prevention

    In science, things don't always go as planned. Challenge students to create a podcast highlighting the role failure plays in the design process.

  • Wide-angle star field image with numbers labeling red shift of galaxies

    A Glimpse of the Most Distant Galaxy

    Students organize information and make calculations to determine ages in the universe. Student and teacher pages are included.

  • A variety of packaged space food

    Space Shuttle Tiles And Food!

    NASA is offering more space shuttle heat shield tiles and food packaged for spaceflight to museums and schools. Apply while the supply lasts.

  • Earth, the space station and the moon with a drop of water surrounded by the recycle symbol

    Recycling DIY Podcast Module

    Reuse our clips and images to make a multimedia project about recycling.

  • Close-up view of the Golden Record

    The Golden Record  →

    Learn about the discs being carried into interstellar space by the Voyager spacecraft and invite your students to create their own message from Earth.

  • Valles Marineris

    The Grand Canyon of Mars and How it Formed  →

    The activities in this module lead students through an investigation of the 3,000-mile-long Valles Marineris valley on Mars.

  • Six Apollo landing sites marked on a picture of the moon

    Apollo Landing Sites

    In this activity, students learn about the locations and geology of the six Apollo landing sites.

  • Basketball, soccer ball, softball, baseball and golf ball grouped on a white surface

    DIY Podcast: Sports Demo

    Challenge your students to learn about gravity, microgravity, and force and motion by building podcasts featuring the science of sports in space.

  • Mars rover Curiosity

    Discovery Guide: Mars Rover Curiosity  →

    The Mars Curiosity Rover landed on the Red Planet on Aug. 5, 2012. Learn more with this fact-filled, interactive guide that includes lesson plans.

  • Artist's concept of the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars

    Curiosity Videos

    Check out videos highlighting the latest news and information about the Mars Curiosity rover.

  • Bleached coral

    Coral Bleaching in the Caribbean  →

    In this MY NASA DATA lesson, students use satellite data to determine when the sea surface temperature meets the criteria to induce coral bleaching.

  • Rockets Educator Guide

    Rockets Educator Guide

    The guide contains information about NASA's newest rockets, with both new activities and updated ones from the original Rockets Educator Guide.