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Data Archive Project

The Ames Life Science Data Archive (ALSDA) is the Ames Research Center project node of the NASA Space Life Sciences Data Archive and is responsible for the capture, preservation and dissemination of life science evidence data from Ames managed flight and ground experiments. These include Shuttle and International Space Station (ISS) missions. This archive is the repository for space-flown biospecimens available for research. Biospecimens can be requested following the User¹s Guide for Requesting NASA Data at: Requesting Animal Tissues at: http://lsda.jsc.nasa.gov/common/dataRequestFAQ.aspx?#myAnchor6

Data that is ready for public release can be found at http://lsda.jsc.nasa.gov

The Ames data is accessible to the Ames community on the private network at: http://alsda.arc.nasa.gov

ALSDA is funded by NASA's Human Research Program http://humanresearch.jsc.nasa.gov/centers/jsc.asp through the Ames Space Biosciences Division.

Ames Life Sciences Data Archive Library and Biospecimen Storage Facility

All photos taken by Alison French


Project Manager Helen Stewart, NASA, Ames Research Center
Project Team Alison French, Bionetics, Ames Research Center
  Ratana Ngaotheppitak, Wyle, Ames Research Center
  Dorothy Leung, Bionetics
  Alan Wood, A.E. Wood & Associates


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